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Data and analytics careers

Data and Analytics roles are essential in EdTech, from managing and analyzing data to improving business outcomes through effective decision-making. In addition, EdTech is an emerging industry, so EdTech companies need to use their data insights to inform them on how to enhance their product/ service.

A career in data requires excellent numerical and analytical skills and the ability to produce and interpret graphical data. Entrepreneurial decision-makers can then leverage data as a strategic resource to create a successful data team. The best leaders are enthusiastic about innovation, cutting costs, and analyzing trends.

In EdTech, we have proven experience building highly successful data teams across Europe and North America. We’re trusted partners happy to help you with your next data role. Contact our expert data and analytics consultant team if you’re looking for a new job or want to expand your data team.

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Our vast network includes a range of talent from Chief Data Officers,  Senior Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers, Head of Artificial Intelligence.

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Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, Head of Engineering, Head of DevOps, Engineering Lead, Senior Software Engineer.

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Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Product Officer, Director of Product Design, VP of Product, Head of Product, Senior Product Architect, Senior Product Manager.

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Our vast network includes a range of talent from Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Commercial Director, VP of Sales, Head of Marketing, Head of Business Development, Head of Customer Success, and Senior Sales Manager.