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Your Workforce Development Recruitment Partner

We connect mid-level, senior and executive talent with innovative workforce development companies. Contact us today, and one of our workforce development recruiters will reach out to assist with your growth plans. 

We understand the Workforce Development industry.

Our workforce development recruiters exclusively work with businesses like yours. We understand the unique talent requirements, challenges, and expertise you need better than anyone else.

Why we’re leaders in EdTech recruitment


Strict quality benchmarks ensure we connect only the best talent.


So you know what’s happening at every step of the recruitment process.


First candidates in 72 hours from our deep candidate network.

Risk Free

We offer free replacement or a 90 day sliding rebate.


Expanded candidate pool through multi-channel search.


Our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver on what we promise, it’s as simple as that.

Building Productive Teams Using Workforce Development Tools

Workforce development solutions offer vocational and professional certifications that help improve employees’ efficiency and productivity. The global workforce management software market projected growth from 2022 to 2030 is 6.5%

At Storm6, we understand the need to help scale and build up innovative workforce development teams. So, whether your start-up provides professional certification or training courses, we have it covered.

The Workforce Development Experts With An Award-Winning Service

Each of our workforce development recruiters has a micro-niche network of diverse professionals spanning the Sales & Marketing, Engineering & DevOps, Data & Analytics, and Product Management verticals. As a result, our workforce development professional database is unrivaled in the market, and we can guarantee you candidates who match your mission and purpose.

Whether you need a single workforce development specialist or an entire team, Storm6 is best suited to deliver. Our workforce development recruiters are knowledgeable and are committed to making this sector beneficial for workplaces.

Grow every team across your business

Our specialist recruiters excel at connecting your EdTech with highly skilled talent.

Data & Analytics

Our vast network includes a range of talent from Chief Data Officers,  Senior Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers, Head of Artificial Intelligence.

Engineering & DevOps

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, Head of Engineering, Head of DevOps, Engineering Lead, Senior Software Engineer.

Product Management

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Product Officer, Director of Product Design, VP of Product, Head of Product, Senior Product Architect, Senior Product Manager.

Sales & Marketing

Our vast network includes a range of talent from Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Commercial Director, VP of Sales, Head of Marketing, Head of Business Development, Head of Customer Success, and Senior Sales Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is The Process For Recruiting Workforce Development Experts?

Following discussions with our Commercial Lead about the best recruitment model for you, we get to work searching our database of qualified talent. We ensure that only the best professionals are headhunted and presented to you since each of our consultants specializes in the four verticals required to scale your workforce development startup. Once an offer is made, we manage the process and provide after-care support to ensure a pleasant onboarding process for both parties.

How does Storm6 Find The Best Candidates To Work On Workforce Development Projects?

After deciding on a recruitment plan that meets your needs, we get to know your requirements for the role and the ideal candidate/ team you’re searching for. Then, we immediately get to work talking to our network of highly specialized professionals, and we have a shortlist ready for you within 48 hours! Finally, when an offer has been made and accepted, we carry out the process and provide after-offer care to ensure optimum onboarding support.

Why Are Storm6 Specialists In Workforce Development Recruitment?

Our in-depth knowledge of our workforce development clients sets us apart from the competition, as seen by our Series A funding and rapid expansion across Europe and North America. This enables us to understand the problems and opportunities that funding offers, allowing us to support headcount expansion while keeping investors satisfied.

Kyle Finch from Storm6 contacted me and patiently walked me through the process to a job that appears to be a fantastic fit. I highly recommend Kyle as someone who can find incredible opportunities for job seekers. Thank you Kyle!

SDM ArchitectDigital Libraries - Publicly funded

While true for any executive position, startup risks for employer & employee matching and across international boundaries amplify trust needs. Since end of 2022/ beginning of 2023 Storm6's ability to evolve kind but crucial conversations has been by modeling them.

FounderDigital Assessment- Seed funded

I have learned a lot from Kainaat during our discussions, and I know that she has my business and me in mind when asking thoughtful questions and making recommendations. Thank you very much, Kainaat and Storm6, for looking after me!

FounderWorkforce Development- Privately funded

Tom was a fantastic partner in helping connect me with the company I ultimately decided to join. He took the time to hear about my intentions and expectations for future impact in the education industry, and identified the perfect organization for me to work with.

Chief Product OfficerE-learning- Series A funded