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By utilizing internal data, corporate learning applications offer personalized services to enhance employee skills, training, and management. These apps ensure that employees regularly engage in mandatory courses and track progress, leading to a more proficient and efficient workforce. Ultimately, business learning tools streamline HR processes, making them faster and more effective for your organization. This article highlights the top 10 EdTechs revolutionizing the corporate learning space.

Trainual– Series B- Arizona 2018

Trainual is a training platform that leverages AI and Machine Learning to provide business owners with an accelerated method for onboarding and training. In addition, Trainual improves employee training by building better training manuals to help scale an organization’s business and empower its people.

Growthspace– Series B- New York-2018

GrowthSpace is a platform for talent development that facilitates personalized learning and employees’ professional growth. To address this need, GrowthSpace offers a skills mastery platform designed to implement, oversee, and evaluate various development programs. These programs include one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and training sessions.

Arist– Series A- Rhode Island- 2017

Arist is a corporate learning company that leverages generative AI to assist companies in providing learning and training through platforms such as Teams, Slack, and text messages. Through their advanced Open AI capabilities, Arist creates learning opportunities that incorporate the latest advancements in learning science; this model is centred around spaced repetition & behavioural nudges to encourage the development of new skills.

Learnerbly-Series A- London- 2016

Learnerbly helps organizations to establish a forward-thinking learning culture that empowers individuals to take ownership of their personal and professional development. Their mission involves guiding employees toward the most effective learning opportunities and providing ongoing support in applying their acquired knowledge and skills.

Obrizum– Series A- Cambridge-2015

Obrizum enables organizations to make informed choices based on data, enabling them to thrive, achieve growth, and nurture their employees by embracing digital transformation. Through its technology platform, clients can enhance employee performance and job satisfaction through personalized learning, saving time and cost. Obrizum’s platform is founded on automation, adaptability, and analytics to help firms assess and track digital learning on a large scale. In addition, using advanced algorithms and AI, the platform offers users customized skills and challenges tailored to their career development stage.

BetterUp– Series E- California

BetterUp specializes in creating an AI-powered platform that fosters personal and professional growth through coaching for individuals and businesses. By combining world-class coaching, advanced AI technology, and expertise in behavioral science, the BetterUp technology enhances individual resilience, adaptability, and effectiveness, ultimately leading to people living more purposeful lives.

360 Learning– Private- New York-2013

360Learning creates a collaborative learning solution that helps companies to harness collective expertise and unlock the full potential of learning. By fostering a collaborative learning culture, 360Learning assists organizations in upskilling their workforce from within to help grow employees, customers, and partners.

Degreed– Private- California- 2012

The Degreed platform helps to upskill individuals and organizations by enabling them to discover content, build skills, and certify expertise. Degreed aims to empower people through lifelong learning by assisting organizations in identifying their skills and building the skills needed to drive positive business results. Degreed currently has 6.5M active users. In December 2022, Degreed won the Aragon Research Innovation Award for learning.

Continu– Series A- California-2012

Continu serves as a centralized hub for various types of company training, including employee learning, onboarding, sales enablement, customer training, and product training. Renowned for its effectiveness, Continu is relied upon by leading global brands to nurture their employees and offer a learning solution that is highly desirable for their teams to engage with.

Trivie– Series A- Texas- 2011

Trivie enhances employee retention through its workforce learning platform while providing companies with valuable insights that influence business decisions. As part of their innovative offerings, Trivie has launched TrivieAI, a cutting-edge product designed to assist users in developing assessment and training materials.

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