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Salary Guide / USA

2024 USA
Salary Guide

Using data from over 20,000 candidates in the Storm6 database, we have put together a comprehensive picture of the EdTech salaries and remuneration trends in the US. Split across Engineering & DevOps, Product, Sales & Marketing and Data & Analytics, location, and company size, this salary guide will provide key insights into each EdTech niche, discussing the local job landscape.

This guide includes:

  • East Coast
  • West Coast
  • Central
  • Remote

This guide includes a full-scale look at salaries across the EdTech space. We use a mix of data we have collated from over 20,000 candidates and industry insights from our clients, to populate a report that will have your back, no matter your company size, location or seniority level!

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Frequently asked questions

Where do you get the data from?

We use a mix of data from over 20,000 candidates in the Storm6 database, as well as industry insights we gather from conversations with industry leaders, filling roles for our clients and our years of experience.

Does this guide include contract/hourly rates?

Our guides exclusively cover full-time salaried employees based on region and role.