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Engineering and DevOps Careers

The demand for  and Engineering and DevOps recruitment is greater than ever before as the top EdTechs worldwide continue to realize this function’s significance. 

Engineering and DevOps play a crucial role in the EdTech industry because they are responsible for combining code to automate processes. No EdTech can perform and surpass expectations without a motivated and tenacious engineering team.

A career in  Engineering and DevOps  requires strong technical knowledge, critical thinking, and excellent communication and collaborative skills to execute the Tech vision and strategy. In addition, the best leaders are eager to reduce costs and maximize results which will help with the long to short-term opportunities within this space.

As a specialist  Engineering and DevOps  recruitment agency, we’re proud to partner with the top engineering talent.  Storm6 has a devoted team of specialists who match senior engineering talents such as Chief Technology Officers and Senior Software Engineers with the market’s most innovative and revolutionary EdTechs.

In EdTech, we have proven experience in building highly successful engineering teams across Europe, Asia, and North America. We’re trusted partners happy to help you with your next engineering role. Get in touch with our expert DevOps and Engineering consultant team if you’re looking for a new job or want to expand your data team.

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