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Storm6 is the leading recruitment partner for start-ups and scaleups in the Digital Library sector; we are enthusiastic about supporting companies that improve how people learn and store important data. Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants, who will reach out to help you with your hiring and retention needs.

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Providing a creative and intelligent way to store data through digital libraries

The world has seen rapid growth in the digitisation of education, with virtual libraries at the forefront of the transformation of library and information services. In addition, the Digital Library software market is driven by the growing demand for efficient database management systems for automating and cataloguing all information. As a result, electronic libraries are changing the way we store, compare, and share data for the better.

As the education sector becomes more digitised, we understand the need to build Digital Library teams with people who advocate for this transformation. Whether your company provides electronic resource management or implements radio frequency identification to track inventory, we have it covered.

Recruitment solutions for Digital Library Leaders

Storm6 is committed to exceeding your recruitment needs. Our services offer partnership, exclusive, or standard sourcing solutions to help you connect with the top talent in the space and achieve your hiring goals.

Each of our consultants have a specialized network of diverse professionals across the verticals of, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Data & Analytics, and Product Management. In addition to this, our database of Digital Library professionals is unrivalled as we are the only recruitment company focused on this market. Therefore, we can guarantee you candidates who fit your mission and purpose.

Whether you are looking to hire a Digital Library expert or an entire team, Storm6 is best placed to deliver. Our network of Digital library professionals holds a wealth of experience. Our mission is to shape the world of education one placement at a time.



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How Does Storm6 find Digital Library Experts?

The process starts with discussions with our Commercial Lead, where you will select one of our three recruitment plans that matches your requirements and then you will be provided with a brief. Next, our consultants will then get to work finding candidates from our database, which is filled with top talent. Once an offer is made and accepted, we manage the process and provide after-care support to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

What makes Storm6 the best at Digital Library Recruitment?

Our mission is to provide a micro-niche approach to meet the recruitment priorities and needs of Digital Library companies and to fill senior positions quickly. All our consultants are experts focusing solely on one of the key verticals to scale your digital library start-up; Engineering and DevOps, Sales & Marketing, Data & Analytics and Product Management.

What other companies rely on Storm6 to find Digital Library candidates?

We have a track record of placing senior to executive-level professionals in innovative Series A+ funded Digital Library start-ups. We seek Digital library start-ups on the cutting edge of innovation, positioned to disrupt the key North American, European, and APAC EdTech markets.