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EdTech is revolutionizing the K12 and Higher Education sectors. Knowing this, we created a list of the top K12 and Higher Education EdTechs to watch out for in 2023.

K-12 is the second largest subsector within EdTech and the most active sector for investors. The primary and secondary school sector has made teaching children engaging and fun as K-12 technologies can be accessed in the comfort of their homes or classrooms.

Elevate K12– Series C- Chicago- $54.2M

Elevate K12 is an instructional services company that provides live-streaming instruction to K-12 classrooms. Their mission is to make zip code-free teaching available to all students, irrespective of where they live.

Allovue– Series A -Baltimore- $13M

Allovue is a software platform that helps school districts create and plan budgets and monitor spending. Their mission is to empower education leaders with solutions to administer resources equitably and effectively.

Classcraft– Private- Quebec- $15.4M

Classcraft is an online educational role-playing game. Their mission is to motivate students to reach their full potential through playful, collaborative, and sustainable learning experiences that promote growth and human connection.

Juni Learning– Series A -California- $11.3M

Juni Learning is a learning platform helping every student achieve their best future. They’re on a mission to empower kids to discover their best futures by providing expert mentorship, a strong community, and a joyful learning experience.

Sora Schools– Private-Atlanta-$23.5M

Sora schools are a live, virtual middle & high school designed to accelerate students toward their wildest dreams. Their mission is to empower every student to flourish and thrive.

Higher Education technologies are on the rise and are triggering significant transformations in the education industry. From improving how College students revise for exams to providing online tools for university students to watch pre-recorded or live lectures.

Engageli– Series A California – $47.5M

Engageli is an inclusive digital learning platform catered towards higher education students. Their mission is to drive success in an inclusive learning environment.

ReUP Education Private- California – $14.1M

ReUp Education leverages data, technology, and coaching to re-enroll students who have left college and support them through to graduation. They’re on a mission to empower all adults to thrive in higher education.

Mentor Collective– Series A- Boston- $28.4M

Mentor Collective provides all students with a transformative mentoring experience.  Their mission is to make life-changing relationships a feature of every student’s college experience.

Copyleaks-Series A- Connecticut-$7.3M

Copyleaks is a cloud platform that detects plagiarism, copyright infringement, and content leaks using advanced AI technology.

Honorlock– Series B- Florida- $40.7M

Honorlock provides remote proctoring services for colleges and universities.

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