K-12 EdTech Recruitment

Storm6 is the leading recruitment specialist for K-12 EdTechs, ranging from teaching resources, online learning communities, and school IT. Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants, who will reach out to help you with your hiring and retention needs.

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Disrupting the K-12 Education Market

K-12 is the second largest subsector within EdTech and the most active sector for investors. The primary and secondary school sector has made teaching children engaging and fun as K-12 technologies can be accessed in the comfort of their homes or classrooms.

As K-12 EdTechs across the globe continue to make education work for all, we understand the necessity of building best-in-class teams. In addition, our deep knowledge of the industry allows us to strongly empathize with your growth challenges, making us the chosen partner for start-ups and scale-ups spearheading the primary and secondary educational revolution.

Experts in K-12 Recruitment

Storm6 is committed to delivering industry-leading recruitment services. After taking the time to understand your hiring objectives and business priorities, our Standard, Exclusive, or Partnership service options will help you reach your hiring goals.

We are working in the key verticals necessary to build successful K-12 start-ups; our consultants are micro niche experts in hiring senior professionals across Engineering & DevOps, Sales & Marketing, Data & Analytics, and Product Management.

Whether you are looking to hire a K-12 education expert or an entire team, Storm6 is strategically placed to deliver. Our database of professionals holds a wealth of experience and is passionate about changing the way primary and secondary students learn.



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Why are Storm6 Specialists in K-12 EdTech recruitment?

What sets us apart from the competition is our in-depth knowledge of our K-12 EdTech clients, as seen by our Series A funding and rapid expansion across Europe, APAC, and North America. This enables us to understand the problems and opportunities that funding offers, allowing us to support headcount expansion while also keeping investors satisfied.

What is the process for recruiting K-12 EdTech experts?

Following discussions with our Commercial Lead about the best recruitment model for you, we get to work searching our database of qualified talent. We  ensure that only the best professionals are headhunted and presented to you since each of our consultants specializes in the four verticals required to scale your K-12 EdTech startup. Once an offer is made, we manage the process and provide after-care support to ensure a pleasant onboarding process for both parties.

How does Storm6 find the best candidates to work on K-12 EdTech projects?

After deciding on a recruitment plan that meets your needs, we get to know your exact requirements for the role and the ideal candidate/ team you’re searching for. Then, we immediately get to work talking to our network of highly specialized professionals, and we have a shortlist ready for you within 48 hours! Finally, when an offer has been made and accepted, we carry out the process and provide after-offer care to ensure optimum onboarding support.