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Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in schools implementing a tailored approach to teaching using technology. Personalized learning aims to customize learning to each student’s strengths, skills, and interests. Educators use various EdTech tools to facilitate personalized learning as students can adapt the online learning materials, which enables them to process information, understand topics and learn at their own pace. Knowing this, we’ve highlighted the different ways in which EdTech supports personalized learning.

Student Can Learn At Their Own Pace

Personalized learning in EdTech encourages students to learn at their own pace and level, as this kind of functionality supports flexibility and individuality, which leads to greater engagement and better learning outcomes. For example, Knewton provides courses incorporating an adaptive & personalized learning experience based on students’ needs. In addition, EdTech tools allow students to revisit topics multiple times as virtual learning focuses on the learner’s needs compared to the traditional classroom, which focuses on what the instructor in front of the class offers. With online learning, students can determine their own pace instead of following the speed of their teacher.

Providing Additional Support

Education technology is helping to drive the effort to close the gap between students who attain lower grades and their counterparts because EdTech solutions cater to their academic and emotional needs by facilitating programs that provide mentorship and an education-first approach. For example, Respectful Ways facilitate social-emotional learning using a trauma-informed curriculum.

Tracking & Assessments

Technology’s most significant impact on personalization is its ability to create individual lesson plans and track student performance. Computer-based assessment tools have gotten sophisticated enough to help push the limits of student achievement by highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement. Adaptive testing can help teachers identify topics on which students need more guidance. Progress-monitoring tools allow teachers to track growth, gauge retention of lessons, identify trends, and understand what’s working in the classroom and what isn’t. For example, Socrative provides online tests, grading, and monitoring features to evaluate learning and save time for educators.

Promoting Collaboration

Technology plays a role in facilitating collaboration between the student and teacher as its purpose is to support students to articulate what they need and help educators to develop the right approach for each individual. Thus, educators can deliver more targeted and personalized group lessons. For example, Aglix supports successful learning and innovation by enabling personalized, project-based, mastery-based education in online and blended environments.

Personalized Learning Supports Teaching

Personalized learning in EdTech can help solve the disconnection problem between teachers and students because this model considers each student’s learning needs to create a more engaging and dynamic classroom that drives academic achievement and personal growth. EdTech supports personalized learning for teachers by providing a platform for them to deliver content in its most appropriate form for each student. For example, teachers can use engaging media such as interactive games and videos and provide more options beyond the traditional essay, i.e., PowerPoint presentation assignments. Moreover, personalized learning supports teachers by freeing up teacher time to strengthen relationships and offer one-on-one targeted assistance.

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