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EdTechs should prioritize diversity and inclusivity because building teams from varying backgrounds enhances productivity and increases employee retention, thereby improving your company’s reputation. In addition, having a diverse and inclusive workforce will help create a work culture in which everyone feels equally listened to and involved. Knowing this, we have listed five reasons why diversity and inclusion in EdTech matters.

Creativity & Innovation

The EdTech industry requires startups to bring unique and fresh ideas to revolutionize learning. A workforce filled with employees of different backgrounds, experiences, skills, and knowledge means that there will be an increase in creative and innovative ideas because employees will feel more comfortable discussing and bouncing ideas off their peers, thereby creating a well-rounded team. Furthermore, sharing ideas encourages your employees to learn from each other, widen their skillset and improve their decision-making skills.

Employee Engagement

A diverse and inclusive environment encourages cooperation and teamwork because individuals can share their experiences and skills to meet deadlines and reach company goals. As a result, employee engagement increases productivity which positively impacts the business. Moreover, working in an inclusive and diverse environment will make employees feel happier, which will be reflected in their output.

Creating Employee-Led Groups

Your EdTech can create an employee-led group that promotes diversity and inclusiveness in its policies. At Storm6 we have two internal networks: Parity & Nexus. Parity aims to create a safe space for female employees in the company whilst Nexus aims to do the same with minority ethnic employees. Creating these groups and taking on feedback to improve your business will ensure that employees will be more engaged as their views and ideas are being listened to. Furthermore, by creating these initiatives, your EdTech can be a trailblazer for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Help Employees To Feel Valued

Ensuring your workforce is diverse and inclusive will make the employees feel valued and accepted. Hence, they are less likely to look for new job opportunities as they are happy and comfortable with the company culture, which will ensure that you have a lower employer turnover rate than a company that doesn’t have a diverse and inclusive workforce. In addition, an inclusive environment will help attract new talent for your EdTech as it’s a favorable quality. When your EdTech is looking for an external recruitment partner, they can ensure that both skillset and background are considered to fit your diverse workforce and company culture.

Helps You To Understand Your Customers Better

With a diverse workforce in place, your EdTech will be a representation of your customers. In addition, a diverse workforce will enable you to understand your customers better and know how to personalize your go-to-market strategy. This is very important, especially when launching new products or offices in different geographical locations. So if there are employees from the places where you are launching a new office or product, it will be easier to gather information and speak/translate the nation’s language. All this information is internal, and you can provide relocation opportunities for your employees to relocate to another location and enforce company culture. Moreover, a diverse team helps you stay competitive in your primary and new markets.

Why Storm6?

Storm6 is here to help you bring about diversity and inclusion in the EdTech industry. We help organizations at the forefront of education technology innovation. Storm6 can help you find the right senior talent for the right specialism, whether you are a start-up or scale-up. If you are looking to expand your team, contact us.

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