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Universities and colleges are trying their best to keep up with the changes in higher education technology. Knowing this, we analyzed the top higher education technology trends to watch out for in 2023.

Growth of AI, AR & VR in Higher Education

AI is a trend to watch out for in higher education technology; it’s projected to reach 3.68 billion by 2023. Some higher education institutions use AI for invigilating, grading, and library services. To benefit from this trend, universities and colleges must adjust their curriculum to support the integration of artificial intelligence. For example, the University of British Columbia is already using an AI-enabled avatar called Language Chatsim to help students practice speaking German in a virtual environment.

In Higher Education, students use VR headsets to take practical learning to the next level as the students can witness and take part in technological simulations. The VR EdTech market will grow to over $13 billion by 2026. Virtual and Augmented Reality is revolutionizing how teachers teach, and students learn by allowing them to grasp complex concepts and have a hands-on learning experience. For example, Nearpod combines VR and AR technology with traditional lesson plans for a more immersive technology-driven approach to learning. As a result, VR, AR, and AI are higher education technology trends to watch out for in 2023.

Increase In Online Assessments In Higher Education

Online assessments in higher education gained momentum in 2022 and are now a trend to watch out for in 2023, as it provides a standardized and reliable means of assessing and evaluating students. Online proctoring is where online invigilators monitor the test takers from start to finish. In addition, the test takers must share their audio, video, and screens with the proctors for the entire test duration. AI-powered online assessment solutions allow moderators to generate numerous question sets. They can create a unique test paper set for each student by selecting from the range of questions generated. These solutions take screenshots of students at random times while they are taking the exam. AI-driven assessments can help higher education institutions get precise analyses and reports on students’ overall performance. Online exams and evaluations are trends that will shape the future of higher education in 2023.

Using Big Data In Higher Education

As the assessment processes are evolving and learning management systems are finding their way into universities and colleges, big data analytics is also becoming a significant higher education trend to watch out for in 2023. Educators use big data to track student engagement so they can look for engagement trends in their online course activities and make changes to content. In addition, teachers can record all the data about student performance in the analytics-based software and measure each student’s progress via pre-set KPIs. Hence, they can visualize the entire learning journey, knowledge enhancement, and overall performance of the student over time.

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