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From automating grading to supporting learning, educators benefit from artificial intelligence as it helps to simplify teaching and cultivate an environment where students can thrive. The role of AI in education is likely to expand; this is why it is essential to find out all it has to offer. Knowing this, we analyzed the different roles that AI plays in education.

AI Supports Learning

AI supports learning through a personalized approach by offering a wide range of general and repetitive questions for students to answer. AI also explains the concept to the student, provides regular feedback and ensures mistakes are fixed. Then, it will analyze how these mistakes could hold a student back. In addition, AI can determine the information that the student knows & doesn’t know so that it can create a personalized study schedule for each student based on knowledge gaps. While AI explains the concept in detail to students, teachers will have more time to focus on other tasks.

AI Tutors

AI tutors operate as remote helpers to ensure students’ success as they will alert them to the topics that still need to be answered and start the lesson where the student’s last virtual class left off. AI also helps with time management as it checks the schedule of students and sets an appropriate time for them to complete their online courses, which helps to keep students on track. In addition, AI tutors help educators as they will not need to spend extra time explaining challenging topics to students.

AI Makes Learning Interesting

Artificial intelligence makes learning interesting to students by providing a personalized approach to traditional recall techniques like spaced repetition and enhancing new technology, such as 3D animated content, to help students learn faster and better. In addition, AI provides custom tasks and tailors lessons to different learning groups’ needs, which will help minimize comparison between students and encourage a conducive environment for students to learn. AI is thereby enabling personal progress and reducing pressure. Less pressure means students are stressing less, leading to more enthusiasm to study questions correctly.

AI Helps To Automate Grading

Artificial intelligence helps to create assessments and automates grades. Automatic grading improves the education system as it eliminates the possibility of biases and mistakes. In addition, the system has enabled students to understand where they are going wrong and how they can improve. Artificial intelligence will advise students to ensure that they have clear understandings and, because of this, foster new skills.

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